Registered Office: Via Lilla, 1 - 57100 Livorno (LI) - Operational Office: Via dei Pescatori, 56 - 55049 Viareggio (LU)
+39 329 850 7434


We assist the client in every aspect of the decision-making process and in every phase of the procedure of building the yacht, in order to verify the progress and prevent potential problems.

We offer support to the shipyard during the realisation of a high-level product according to the owner’s wishes.

We provide communication between all the stakeholders (suppliers, shipyard, owner’s delegate, and owner) thereby adding value to the decision-making process based on our experience.

Indeed, our objective is to involve the owner in each phase of the project, from the planning to the sea trials for testing.

Additionally, we report all our findings and yacht progress in a simple way to understand. As a result the project can be completed faster and more efficiently.

The stakeholders’ and client’s satisfaction is our greatest success.